You may have heard in the press again this week, the row over taking children out of term time for and the cost of travelling within school holidays, we wanted to make it clear to our valued clients where we as a luxury tour operator stand on the issue.

We are the only known luxury ski tour operator to actually pass on our contracted child rates to our clients and we also do not increase prices for peak periods.

We spend many hours contracting our hotels and negotiating our preferred tour operator rates with our partners and because of this we feel strongly about passing these advantageous rates onto our clients. However many of the larger operators do not pass the child rates on and we feel this is immoral, especially when some of the child rates are 70% less than the adult rates!

As a small luxury ski tour operator we do not hold mass allocations or bulk buy flights and beds. As we work on request with our hotels we are able to negotiate such good rates and also help find availability where other operators fail. Our pricing and currency is not pre-set and we are bound by the hotels and airline rates, they are the ones who determine which are peak weeks.

While you may read of many operators hiking up prices for the peak school holidays be rest assured we are not one of them.